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Currency Egyptian pound (EGP)
Market Egyptian Exchange (EGX)
Sector IT, Media & Communication Services
ISIN Code EGS743O1C013
Date of Listing 4 October 2021
Total Issued Shares 1,848,888,888 shares
Total Common Shares 1,848,888,888 shares
Total Listed Shares 1,848,888,888 shares
Par Value / Share EGP 0.5 / share
Authorized Capital EGP 4,000,000,000
Issued & Paid-Up Capital EGP 924,000,000

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Name Percentage Held
Saudi Egyptian Investment Company 25.0 %
National Investment Bank 21.8 %
Banque Misr 6.7 %
National Bank of Egypt 6.7 %
Egyptian Banks Company 6.7 %
Egyptian Company for Investment Projects (ECIP) 6.7 %
Other 26.4 %

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Corporate Information

Company's Legal Name e-finance for Digital and Financial Investments S.A.E.
Legal Form Joint Stock Company
Commercial Registration Commercial Registration no. 15026 of 08/06/2005, Cairo Investment Commercial Registry Office, and the registration was renewed on 14/06/2020.
Date of Inception 8 June 2005
Statutory purpose

Providing technical, financial and administrative support to the subsidiaries of the Company and working in the field of digital transformation and supporting the subsidiaries in developing their business. Providing specialized operating services for information and communication technology systems, inside or outside the Arab Republic of Egypt (except for the Sinai Peninsula region the authority’s prior approval is required). These services include the following:

  • Management, operation and maintenance of all devices, equipment and computer networks.
  • Production, issuance, printing, packaging, management and operation of smart cards.
  • Managing and operating applications for providing banking services through the phone and the internet, electronic payment services, and electronic circulation of temporary documents.
  • Establishing and operating systems, managing customer call service centers, and implementing, managing and operating networks, central computers and internal systems for banks.
  • Establishing and managing training centers to prepare researchers and information technology transfer centers.
  • Training in the operation, management and maintenance of computers, the card system, and applications for providing banking services, customer service centers, and applications for electronic payment services.
  • Technology business incubators and entrepreneurship support.
  • The ICT industry, including industrial activities, electronics design and development, data centers and outsourcing activities, software development and technological education.
  • Design and development of computer systems of all kinds.
  • Production, development and operation of integrated systems.
  • Development and design of data transmission and exchange networks.
  • Building and managing data transmission and exchange networks.

Subject to the applicable laws, regulations, and decrees, and on the condition that necessary licenses are issued to practice such activities, the Company may have an interest or participate in any way with companies and others that carry out business similar to its business or that may assist it to achieve its purpose in Egypt or abroad. The Company may also merge with or acquire any of the aforementioned entities, in accordance with the provisions of the law and its executive regulations.

Law of Governance Investment Law No. 72 of 2017 and its Executive Regulations
Term of the Company 25 years as of date of its registration in the Commercial Register from 08/06/2005 to 01/06/2030.
Headquarters Address Building No. A3 B 82 - Smart Village - Km 28 - Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road – Giza
Fiscal Year 1 January : 31 December
Auditor Name
  • Mr. Mohamed Tarek Mostafa Nagi (KPMG - Hazem Hassan Consulting)
  • The Central Auditing Organization
  • Financial Institution Operating Technology Company S.A.E. (e-finance Digital Operations)
  • Smart Card Operation Technology E-Card Company S.A.E (e-Cards)
  • Khales for Digital Payment Services Company S.A.E (eKhales)
  • The Technology Company for E-commerce Operations E-Aswaaq Misr S.A.E (e-Aswaaq Misr)
  • e-nable Outsourcing Services Company S.A.E (e-nable)
  • Tax Solutions Operation Technology S.A.E. (e-tax)
  • Misr Technology Services S.A.E (MTS)
  • Misr for Government Technological Services SAE. (E-Serve)
  • Delta Misr Payments Company (S.A.E)
  • Alameia For Consulting & Information Systems ACIS S.A.E.
  • e-health
Board of Directors
  • Ibrahim Sarhan - Chairman
  • Ibrahim Abdelsalam - Member of the Board
  • Hesham Shaarawy - Member of the Board
  • Ayman Hussein - Member of the Board
  • Khaled Zakaria - Member of the Board
  • Nada Massoud - Member of the Board
  • Tarek ElMahmoudy - Member of the Board
  • Ahmed Al-Enazi - Member of the Board
  • Mohamed Gamil- Member of the Board
  • Ehab Dorra - Member of the Board
  • Dalia Mostafa - Member of the Board
  • Khaled Al Hossan - Member of the Board